At 55 years old, Trisha Yearwood says she has never been more confident. While she admits her style is always changing and her weight often fluctuates, she finds herself looking in the mirror and loving what she sees before she steps onstage as part of her current the Every Girl on Tour run.

And she has Lizzo to thank for it!

“I don't believe you should ever go and try to hide your body, and I’ve learned that from Lizzo,” Yearwood tells Taste of Country of the inspiration she's been drawing from the sometimes-revealing singer-rapper.

“I mean, I’m not going to be going out there in a thong or anything," she jokes, laughing, "But at the end of the day, if you are hung up on wishing that you had lost those last twenty pounds, you are missing out. It's just not worth it."

Currently out with her new single "Every Girl in This Town," Yearwood says she has a good grip on her style at the moment, routinely working with her stylist to mix and match her outfits in the most creative of ways.

“I will often wear a designer piece and then pair it with a sweater from J.Crew,” she says. Yearwood recently joined hubby Garth Brooks for a Habitat for Humanity build in Nashville.

“I think my cooking show has helped me too in terms of my style, because it has shown me how to dress casually, but keep it elevated in a way that it doesn’t look like I’m just running to the grocery store," she adds.

She laughs, but once again she demonstrates that she is truly just like so many women out there. Yearwood’s tour continues Thursday (Oct. 24) in Indiana. In the coming weeks, she will visit Cleveland (Oct. 27), Fort Worth (Nov. 4) and Chicago (Nov. 7).

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