I haven't had a speeding ticket in a long time, but I did come close when I was driving to Lansing after joining WITL. Yes, I was speeding. I didn't notice I was going 11 miles over the limit. As I peaked through the rearview mirror, my stomach sank when I saw those pretty blue lights. The first word I said after noticing the police officer was a four letter one that I'm not allowed to write here or say on the air...

When the MSP officer asked me for my driver's license, he asked if knew how fast I was going. I said yes and that I had no excuse. I said I was not paying attention (which I'm sure happens to all of us at some point) and that I deserve the ticket. As I was waiting for him to come back to my car, I was sure I was about to get a ticket. When he came back, the officer thanked me for being honest. He told me to slow down and have a good day. I was shocked!

It was a great feeling, and you better believe I drove the speed limit the rest of the way.

That experience got me thinking about other excuses people give to police officers when they are caught speeding. Some common ones that I've heard of people using are that it's their birthday, they have to go to the bathroom, or they are late to work.

Have you ever gotten out of a speeding ticket? If so how did you do it?  Please share any good stories!

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