With Christmas over and gifts exchanged, you might want to spend those gift cards or buy something for yourself and this is a great time. Usually after the Christmas holiday stores and retailers have tons of merchandise that isn't bought so they will slash prices on those items, enabling you to buy something you wanted before Christmas for cheap.

If you are looking to get some more gifts for yourselves or maybe plan for next year here are some things to get.

  • Open Box Electronics - these are electronics bought and returned so they are probably newer electronics and put greatly on sale to get rid of before the new year
  • Jackets / Winter wear - Starting with the new year, most stores have their spring wear ready to go so you can grab some winter wear at a cheap price and be ready for the rest of winter or plan for next year
  • Beauty Gift Sales - These are on sale after the holidays because some stores have too many of these and they are sometimes over priced during the holiday, so less people buy them allowing you to get them at a discount after the holiday.
  • Bakeware - Baking pans and pots are on sale because everyone is baking throughout November and December but on a diet in January so go out and try to find some bakeware to add to your kitchen.
  • Gourmet Food Baskets - Gourmet food gifts are everywhere in December. But a cheese and cracker gift basket or a tin of flavored popcorn is much less sought after on December 26.
  • Candles - These are a go-to gift during the holiday but after the holiday you will be able to find candles, especially winter or holiday candles, for very cheap.
  • Big Screen TVs - There were some great deals before the holidays, especially on Black Friday. But after Christmas and pre-Super Bowl, you can also find deep discounts on a new big screen TV.
  • Christmas Items - Ornaments, lights, inflatables, and more are all on sale the day after Christmas. So if you are looking to add to your Christmas decoration collection this is the time.

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