WalletHub recently posted their 2019 list of the Best and Worst Cities to celebrate Valentine's Day. You can see the complete list by clicking here, however, here's a spoiler alert for you...Detroit made the list! Unfortunately, Motor City was almost dead last. The list factored in several things including the proximity of florists, cost of a romantic meal, and the number of jewelry stores.

After seeing this list, I decided to do a little research around the office to find out which places in the Lansing area my co-workers considered to be a 'romantic restaurant'. (This could be very helpful for you this Valentine's Day.) There are actually many choices and of course, many people have a different version of 'romantic'. (Also, sometimes getting a straight answer out of people can be a bit challenging.) There were people that mentioned Dagwood's, P.F. Chang's, Leo's Lodge, Deluca's and even the McDonald's dollar menu got some love. However, in no particular order, here are the Top 5 Romantic Restaurants in the Lansing area.


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    The English Inn

    Several people said that The English Inn outside of Eaton Rapids would be their pick for a romantic dinner. Their legendary beef wellington was mentioned as a great menu choice. See more about the English Inn by clicking here.

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    Capital Prime

    If you're looking for a place close to Lansing/East Lansing, Capital Prime in the Eastwood Towne Center may be a good choice. They're an award-winner for steaks and seafood. Learn more by clicking here.

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    EnVie is a unique bistro that's located in the heart of Lansing’s downtown district. EnVie offers a rotating menu and serves up some awesome drinks. Find out more about EnVie by clicking here.

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    Dusty's Wine Bar

    Located in Okemos, Dusty's Wine Bar has been serving up romantic dinners for over 35 years. Plus, you can purchase a great bottle of wine for your Valentine's Day celebration at Dusty's Cellar. Click here for more info.

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    Bowdie's Chophouse

    Bowdie's Chophouse is located in the building that used to be known as The Knight Cap on East Michigan Avenue in Lansing. People recommend getting the lobster macaroni and cheese or The Tomahawk Steak from Bowdie's Chophouse. You can see more here.