I will be doing it later today. My wife did it earlier today.

What is it? Voting.

Everybody says "This is the most important voting year ever".

Well folks, let me tell you. Every year and every chance that you get to do your duty as an American citizen at any and every election is the most important voting year ever.

Today is the day for the Michigan State Primary, where candidates and proposals will get your vote, or not. It's where we get to vote for state and local candidates that we want to run in November.

And understand, I'm not choosing sides or toeing a party line here. I don't care what you've heard, every vote matters. Forget anything you've heard about fraud or whatever, it's important to vote no matter if you are casting an absentee ballot or showing up in person to your precinct, like my wife did earlier today and like I will later today.

Here's the thing. When my wife showed up at our precinct earlier today, and granted she was kind of early, her voter number was in the forties. Now if there have been a lot of absentee ballots cast because of the COVID-19 pandemic then I understand. If not, then this is concerning. It sometimes is amazing to me how little it takes for a candidate to win or a proposal to pass when people, or the lack thereof get out and vote...or not.

You still have time to get out and vote. Click the link here to view your precinct's ballot or just get out and vote.

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