Let's face it this is the time of year all the healthy eating habits go away for a few months.  If your like me right now you are saying, "Well it's the holidays, I will eat what I want and go on a diet the first of the year".  Sound Familiar?  The truth is it would probably be better to eat healthy except for the the few days we celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas.  But maybe with the holiday parties to a minimum this year we may be ok.

Here are some tips for staying healthy this holiday season from thebeet.com.

  • Don't go it alone (Get support from Family and Friends)
  • Give yourself Grace (Eating a couple bites of cake or pie may lead to guilt and judging ourselves)
  • Don't Take it home (Leave the cookies and edible gifts or give them to someone else)
  • Prep Early and at Home ( Put some healthy food in the fridge and maybe eat a little of that first)
  • Steer Clear of Holiday Cheer (Maybe have a glass of wine and stay away from the sugary drinks)
  • Bring some healthy foods and be a great guest (You don't have to bring cakes or cookies.  Maybe bring a big salad or plant based foods)
  • Use Words of Encouragement (This time of year can be stressful. Be encouraging and be positive with everyone).

So maybe lets stay away from the bacon mashed potato bombs on thanksgiving.  Eat what you want in moderation and let's all count our blessings this year.

Do you plan to eat more this year over the holidays?

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