I don't know what it is that makes us obsess about tiny things, but I came across this tiny house in Sand Lake, Michigan, and I want it. If you're looking to live minimally and hit the road with all of your stuff, this house is the house for you! It's a 320 square foot house with a rustic style.

You may have seen people buying old school buses or ambulances and turning them into mobile homes and traveling the country. If you've always wanted to do that but didn't really feel like doing the hard labor yourself, you can do that with this house!

This is something I've always wanted to do, but have had so many questions. Like how would I shower or wash my clothes? Am I going to have to find the nearest lake and take a plunge and scrub myself and my clothes? What about when I have to use the bathroom? Am I going to have to dig a hole somewhere in a wooded area and bury it like I did with my childhood dog? You don't have to ask yourself any of those questions with this house!

This little mobile home has a bathroom and shower so you can bathe comfortably. A kitchen with full size appliances, a hookup for a washer and dryer and a large closet for storage! You don't have to worry about missing you favorite TV show either cause it has a built in TV and electric fireplace you can snuggle up next to. Check out some of the pictures!

Tiny House For Sale In Sand Lake, Michigan

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