Have you seen really bizarre attractions or landmarks during your travels throughout Michigan? I'm sure you have—I have too.

I'm a curious person. When I was younger I was "that guy," the one that would hop the fence to explore something that was prohibited. Forgiveness not permission was my motto for many years. As I have gotten older I have become wiser. I don't recommend trespassing illegally to explore forbidden territory. I guess what I am saying is "don't be a fool, don't do something stupid that could get you in trouble."

During my travels up north and to the U.P. there are a couple of places that I have stopped at because I was curious about why people flocked to these locations. One of which is Sea Shell City, located off I-75 in Cheboygan. I had driven by this location a dozen times and finally broke down and visited. I don't have a fascination with sea shells, I think they are cool, but a whole location dedicated to sea shells? What gives?

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One thing I have learned in my life is this: just because I might not have interest in something, that doesn't mean that others aren't enamored by it. It turns out, Sea Shell City is pretty cool. There's lots of shells to check out and they have other items available to purchase too. Next time you're heading north or coming home from your vacation, stop by and see the good folks at Sea Shell City. Then you can say you've been there. I did some research and Atlas Obscura says these places are pretty cool, odd and worth visiting.

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Have a blast exploring these locations, if you have any suggestions please drop a note in the app.


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