Look, we all do what we have to do for work. But...moving to Ohio? That may be a step too far.

It's no secret that Michigan and Ohio have this rivalry/hatred that dates back to long before I decided to call Michigan my home. I don't always understand it. Mostly, because I've never spent time in Ohio. Now, thanks to one guy's experience shared via Tiktok, I don't have to.

Joe M., or @laviejoem on Tiktok, recently made the trek to Ohio from sunny Los Angeles for his job. He doesn't specify what he does for a living but does say that he, "accepted a major summer contract." As a person who had never left the west side of the country, he, already, has some thoughts...

1. Everything is made with fat or grease. Although, he goes on to admit that the food does taste a bit better.

2. There's so much wide open space. He says that as a Los Angeles resident, this terrifies and confuses him.

3. Dating isn't...that versatile. Okay, so what he actually said is that the "Scruff grid" is really repetitive. Scruff is an app for men seeking men. Joe's complaint is that it's all pretty much the same. Examples include answers to the question, "What do you do for a living," is often answered with things like "work hard for the money." While basic questions like "where do you live" are answered with things like "my home". It's understandable why that would be a tad frustrating. He calls it "mind-boggling".

4. There's nothing to do. Does this one even need an explanation? Compared to L.A. there's nothing to do anywhere else.

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While this was a huge culture shock for Joe, his video clearly reached people in the Ohio area who immediately flooded his comments saying things like:

45k square miles of state and you’ve been in .2% of it: “tHeRE’s nOthInG tO dO hERe”. - Rachel 

Thoughts & prayers Moved here from LA in 91. I hate it here - Jules 

Lots of restaurants in Ohio. We eat. That’s what we do! - Ann D. 

Lmao! I’m so sorry you’ve come here. But Cincinnati is actually awesome! Let me know if you’re ever there! - hello_becca 

Apparently, a lot of comments were suggesting Cedar Point as an option for something to do to which Joe replied,

To everyone suggesting Cedar Point…I WORK THERE


His video, which has been viewed 667,000 times as I write this, is apparently just the start to a series of videos he'll do to document his time in the state. So far, he only has a few videos posted which you can see below. Turns out, he's discovering actual fun things to do in Ohio! Who knew?

Fair warning to anyone who is offended by explicit language, it is present in these videos.

Good luck, Joe, on surviving your remaining time in the Buckeye State!

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