It's a legendary event in downtown Lansing. One that has probably been enjoyed by literally millions of people over the years.

Silver Bells In The City.

For many it was a benchmark, don't miss family event every year. To go downtown and hang out and watch the parade, see the sights and watch them light up the state Christmas tree. Well guess what? The evil COVID-19 has now affected our Silver Bells. Yes, there was a time you may recall when tens of thousands of people would congregate with a lot less distance between them than six feet, and Silver Bells was one of those events. So what's going to happen this year?

My friend, let me tell you. According to the Silver Bells Facebook page...

It's a cool idea called "Silver Bells Home Edition". It will be presented by the Lansing Board of Water and Light and will air on Fox 47 on Friday, November 20th from 6 p.m. until 8 p.m. That's right, it will be your opportunity to stay home, stay safe and stay warm with friends and family and watch elements from the traditional event like the state Christmas tree lighting, diverse holiday offerings, family holiday singalongs, celebrity shout outs and more. And here's something really cool, residents of Mid-Michigan will also have the opportunity to be a part of the Silver Bells Home Edition, even though we may be hanging at home, we can still be a part of it.

Hey hats off to all of the creative folks who are pulling this event off this year, even in these crazy times. Get more info from the Silver Bells Facebook page.

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