You know what they say, people who live in glass houses probably buy a lot of Windex. Or something like that. Check out this Linden home which features floor-to-ceiling windows, offering a spectacular view of Silver Lake.

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Oh, and it also has an indoor pool. But the fun doesn't stop there.

Realtor is Clearly a Name Dropper

According to the listing on, the home was "inspired by famed architect Richard Meier and remodeled in 2021 by premier builder Patric Widing."

It also boasts being located on one of the most prestigious streets in Genesee County. (We didn't realize there was a hierarchy to the streets in Genesee County, but maybe that's something those of us down here in the middle and lower classes don't understand?)

OMG The Views

Not that I mind living in the cheap seats, but this sucker does have some pretty impressive features.

Check out the beautiful spiral staircase. The view is truly impressive looking up and looking down. The master bedroom master suite offers gorgeous sunset views every morning.

Speaking of bedrooms, there are six, as well as 4.2 bathrooms. We've included a few pictures of those as well.

Oh, that kitchen

I can't get over the kitchen. It features custom cabinets, built-in appliances, and a butler's pantry. And if you're in the mood for pizza, there's a patio with a gas fireplace and a pizza kitchen overlooking the beach area.

At about $1.7 million, this truly is one of the most unique and most impressive homes I've ever seen here in Genesee County.

This Linden House Should Come With a Lifetime Supply of Windex

This home in Linden, Michigan has stunning floor-to-ceiling windows.

Sadly, Windex is not included.

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