Pretty much everyone has been affected by the pandemic, and I try and use tough times in my personal life as a learning experience. As God teaching us to count our blessings and to play the cards we are dealt in life. Maybe not wonder what we could or should have done, but instead be happy with ourselves while striving to be all we can be.

As the coronavirus pandemic hit us earlier in the year, I was also a victim of downsizing and lost my job in Detroit which was eliminated. I had finally gotten my second daughter through college who is now a nurse, but I now had no income and an unsure future in the radio business which I love so much.

A longtime friend of mine called me and asked what I was gonna do. I said I am giving some of my furniture to the domestic violence shelter and throwing a bit in storage and heading to Florida for the summer.  Well to my surprise, Kathy said she had a condo on the beach in Clearwater Beach for the summer if I wanted it. I looked up and said TY Lord.

So I spent the summer in paradise unsure where I would end up. I did start to feel like I did not have a place and I guess I missed a place of my own to call home. I did get an offer to come to Lansing for a great company at a legendary station, WITL. Then I found out I would be working mornings with a very talented co-host Erica Gray. I found a great place to live downtown, which will not be finished until 10/9, so I am in a hotel for 30 days. So I only had 6 months without a place or a home to call my own, which I know makes me fortunate as others have it much worse.

I know we'll get through this and everyone will find their place like I did, and I am thankful. Stay positive, be there for others, and don't be afraid to ask for help :)

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