Do you ever see these events and extravagant things celebrities do and daydream about someday getting to do that? What you would wear, who you would go with and what it must be like?

Sure, not many of us want to live that celebrity night, but for me, if I could choose one night of all of them, it would be the iconic Met Gala.

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A Little About the Met Gala

In case you have missed it before, the Met Gala is an iconic event hosted at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. Usually is it known for it's status as THE main event on "the First Monday in May" and also as "fashion's biggest night out."

According to Parade, the highly-anticipated event where our favorite stars and pop culture icons team up with designers and dress to impress based on that year's theme is also a fun, unique way "to raise money for the museum’s Costume Institute" while showcasing creativity that fuels the arts that we all love.

This year it was hosted in September as the COVID-19 pandemic cancelled 2020's event and pushed back 2021's. Aside from the date change, Jacklyn Krol reports this year also required a smaller guest list, socially-distanced tables, an indoor mask requirement as well as either proof of vaccination or a negative COVID test within 72 hours of the event.

As we all marveled at the spectacle we had missed out on for so long, seeing which celebs nailed this year's theme of "the ingenuity of American style" as Vogue put it, I couldn't help but wonder how we could pull it off here in Michigan.

A Mid-Michigan Version of the Met Gala

First, we wonder what that guest list would look like. Which local celebrities would be at the top of the list? What people in our communities in Lansing, Mason, Jackson, Leslie, Dewitt, etc. would be the ones to get invited? What would the fashion look like?

These are all questions we would love to someday find answers to but first, let's scope out some venues! Turns out, there are plenty of local spots that could be absolutely fabulous.

10 Locations for a Mid-Michigan "Met Gala"

Wouldn't it be fun to have our own version of the "Met Gala"? Sure, there'd be coming up with the guest list and the theme, but first, the location would have to be as iconic as the event itself. We have some ideas:

What Do You Think?

Do you think we could pull it off?

I truly think it would be so fun to find a cause to fundraise for like the folks for the Met Gala do.

Then, once we find that, we need to find someone to steer the ship like Anna Wintour does.

Of course, from there, is finding the venue, planning the theme and everything else that comes with it.

It sure is a feat that we are amazed they can do every year in New York, I think we could at least pull it off here at once in Mid-Michigan!

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