Scams. Scams. Scams.

You get them as messages in your email account. You get them as text messages. You get phone calls. But where don't you probably ever get scammed? Your regular mail or as some people would call it "snail mail". Why? Because the bad guys (and like I always say, maybe the bad girls too) know that there are extremely stiff penalties that are associated with a little thing called...wait for it...

Mail fraud.

So that means if someone or a bunch of someone's are going to try and pull a fast one on you, it's going to come at you somewhere other than the United States Postal Service. Now understand, that's not one hundred percent foolproof but there are obviously other ways for the perps to get at you than regular mail.

As a rule of thumb, I never ever trust a call, text or email that tells me that I need to do anything with any account that I'm associated with, whether it's for home or work. I always follow up with my accounts some other way than by "clicking" a message I've received to make sure the issue is legitimate or to act on what some stranger asks me to do on the phone...or I ignore it or I hang up.

Well now according to WWMT, the bad guys and girls are posing as reps from Microsoft and Apple and they will try to scam you into giving them access to your device to perform some "necessary" work on them and if they can then they will access a bank account on your device, then they will liberate you of your hard earned funds.

Go to the WWMT website here to get the inside track on this scam and what to do before you get scammed or what to do if you think you've been scammed.

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