Well, this is embarrassing.

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In Monopoly, there's is a card that says, "bank error in your favor".

In real life at Central Michigan University, a messaging technology testing error broke some hearts and caused some extremely hurt feelings.

We're going to need that back and...

Let's pretend that never happened...ok?

In the most unfortunate of incidents, the day some prospective CMU students got their acceptance notifications they also got a surprise.

One that was snatched away as quickly as it was given.

An unknown number of prospective students considering Central Michigan University (CMU) received a notification of acceptance for full-ride scholarshipsin error.

The university has apologized for sending the messages, expressing regret at the excitement and then disappointment some may have felt to hear falsely that they would not have to pay for college. (WILX)

Getting accepted to your university of choice is a big right of passage. Getting a full-ride "outta nowhere" is enough to make mom and dad's heads explode (in a good way). Paying for college and student loan debt is a huge issue in the country right now.

So you're in, it's paid for, and then...nope.

Hey Central...you have heard of NO TAKE BACKSIES RIGHT?

Thankfully, our story does have a happy ending.

Ope. Our bad and apologies to the 58 of you. We're gonna go ahead and give you full-tuition scholarships to make up for any inconvenience.

Central Michigan University is upping scholarships for nearly five dozen prospective students after news spread that the school had mistakenly notified them over the weekend that they'd won full-ride scholarships that included room and board, officials confirmed Wednesday. (Detroit News)

It was not made clear how much or for how long, but tuition for U.S. residents at CMU is estimated to be about $12,750 a year. (Detroit News)

Right thing to do after a massive boo boo, but where's this money coming from and at what expense?

Faculty Association President Amanda Garrison said there now comes concerns with how much 58 full-tuition scholarships will cost the university.

"I think this was the right thing for CMU to do - but all I have now are questions," Garrison said. "Where will this money come from while we cut college and department budgets? Where's this money coming from when there are fewer and fewer services available on campus? Where's the money coming from when enrollment is tanking?" (CM Life)

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