Bugs. I have to admit that I'm not really a fan. Bugs in your ear? Well, that's just totally disgusting. But...that's exactly what happened to one of my friends recently, and I thought I'd share the story so if something like this were to ever happen to you or one of your friends, you'd know what to do.

The story goes something like this...My friend Amber was out mowing her lawn when she felt something fly into her ear and she said that she could HEAR the wings fluttering in her ear. (Oh. My. Yuck.) She ran into the house and asked her husband if she should flush her ear with water. Well, she did and after several flushes, the "fluttering stopped." Now, my friend has a very smart husband (Hi Aaron!), and he suggested to her "numerous times" that she should probably go to an urgent care to have her ear checked. Well, Amber didn't want to spend the money (I can so relate) so she didn't go to get her ear checked.

Finally, on Monday, she decided to call her doctor. (Please keep in mind that the bug flew into her ear about TWO weeks ago.) On Wednesday, Amber went to the doctor and this lovely month was taken OUT OF HER EAR. I asked her if I could share her story in order to let everyone else know that if you happen to feel a bug fly into your ear and you drown it until it stops fluttering (again, yuck), you still should probably go see the doctor no matter how much your co-pay will cost you. Now, excuse me while I go clean my ears... :)

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