Bobo Brazil, Haystacks Calhoun, Flying Fred Curry, "Wild Bull" Curry, Pampero Firpo, The Sheik...

Those are some of the legendary names from an era when wrestling was wrestling...or should I say, when wrestling was "wrasslin'", as my Grampa used to call it. Every Saturday afternoon he would take a break from his chores on the farm and sit down for a few minutes in front of his black and white TV after lunch and enjoy the greats like Dick the Bruiser and Chief Jay Strongbow square off against their opponents in the ring.

Even then I always wondered what it would be like to peek behind the curtain to see what life was like for some professional wrestlers.

Now, according to the Lansing State Journal another wrestling legend and area native, Sabu, has authored a tell-all book that will be released next month. The Extreme Championship wrestler's work is entitled, "Scars, Silence, and Superglue". It promises to be a very interesting look into Sabu's life and career as a wrestler.

Get more info about Lansing's own Sabu and his new book here from the State Journal.

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