Last year, at our Taste of Country concert, Randy Houser sang, while "The Big Bang Theory" and"Roseanne" star (and good friend of Randy), Johnny Galecki, mingled with fans - for hours. (Honestly. His choice. SEEMED  like a really nice guy.)

You never know WHO will show up at Taste of Country 2018. (June 9th, Cooley Law School Stadium. Get your tickets now by clicking here)

However, we may have hitched our horses to some desperados. Over the weekend, it seems our two buddies found trouble in Chi-town. I don't know exactly what happened. I don't see any handcuffs. Apparently they both went peaceably. And, you know what they say - photos or it didn't happen.

Well, here you go - courtesy of Johnny's Instagram:

(Note the hashtags. And to think we allowed them in our concert.)

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