Who doesn't love a good throwback? I love turning on the radio and hearing my favorite throwbacks on Thursdays. I also love checking my memories on social media to things I posted years ago. You know what else is great, the prices! Some places will have deals ono Thursdays.

McDonald's loves throwbacks too. They're kicking off 2021 with six weeks of throwback Thursday freebies! Each week will highlight a popular item you can score for a fraction of the price. For example, you can get a small shake for a quarter! Yes, you read that correctly, it's only a quarter with the purchase of at least $1. The event kicked off last Thursday, so you may have missed the small fry for 15 cents, but there's plenty more to take advantage of.

Here's a list of the upcoming throwback Thursday deals..

  • Thursday, Jan. 21: Cheeseburger for 25 cents
  • Thursday, Jan. 28: Small shake for 25 cents
  • Thursday, Feb. 4: Apple pie for 20 cents
  • Thursday, Feb. 11: Large fries for 35 cents
  • Thursday, Feb 18: Cheeseburger for 25 cents

These deals are only available on the free McDonald's app, so make sure you have that downloaded. It's super easy to use, Caddy and I downloaded it when the McRib came back and we were done ordering in seconds. When you go to pick up your order, you can go through the drive-thru or select curbside pick-up. They do have a limit of one per customer per day. The $1, $2 and $3 items on their dollar menu are excluded from the $1 minimum purchase requirement.

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