Back in 2020, we shared with you that this castle in Jackson, Michigan that had been the source of intrigue from many who passed it on Draper Rd. was on the market. Now, the unique home has sold to new owners who are giving local couples a chance to have a unique, royally romantic date night just in time for Valentine's Day.

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About the Jackson Castle Home

Located at 7300 Draper Rd. in Jackson, this castle hit the market in July of 2020. It was sold once in late August of 2020 but, per Zillow, it was also more recently sold again in February of 2021.

The home itself is almost 100 years old, built in 1927, and sits on 20 acres of land.

Within its 2,000 square feet there are five bedrooms, three bathrooms, a 60-foot tower with roof access as well as three different outdoor patio areas.


While we can assume there were changes made since that first listing in 2020, one thing remains the same, this home is definitely unique and something out of a fairytale.

Helmer Castle Now Booking For Date Night

Of course, every fairytale involves some romance and that's exactly what you and your honey can have when you book the castle for a romantic dinner.

Recently, my boyfriend was scrolling Facebook when a listing came up with photos of the castle titled "Dinner Date at the Helmer Castle." At first, I didn't know the castle even had a name until he said "hey babe, want to have dinner at that castle house here in Jackson!?"

Upon looking into the listing on Marketplace, it was true.

"This date is an exclusive Dinner for two people for two hours on the private and secluded enchanted grounds of the Helmer Castle," the listing reads.

For $250 you get the entire grounds to yourselves for two hours which also includes a dinner (prepared, set and cleaned up for you), photo opportunities in the main hall as well as the chance to climb to the top of the 60-foot tower.

The listing was originally put on Facebook 27 weeks ago but the fact we were just seeing it before Valentine's Day was perfect and it seems many people are taking advantage of it as they say most of February is already booked.

However, if you can't get in for a romantic Valentine's Day dinner date, the listing does say "When you submit requests, please include the date you are interested in so I can check on availability for you."

That means this can be another option to have a magical night whenever (pending availability) which the listing points out is "Ideal for a Dream Date, Marriage Proposal, Anniversary or Birthday celebration."

What to Expect For Date Night at Helmer Castle

We want to make sure to note the inside of this castle could be decorated completely different than it was back in 2020 (when these photos were originally shared) but here's an idea of what the home looks like on the inside before you go:

Castle For Sale In Jackson

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