February is here, and spring is right around the corner.  I can't wait for the warm weather and all the fun things to do in Michigan in the spring and summer. We are blessed to live in this great state. We all need to take advantage, especially in the Lansing area.

I was checking out some fun stuff on tripadvisor.com. There are some great ideas on fun things to do in area. Things like:

  • Potter Park Zoo (Nothing more fun with the family than a Zoo adventure.)
  • The Michigan Princess (Step back in time to the early days of river cruising in Lansing.)
  • Lansing River Trail (A fun way to get exercise with the kids for a walk or ride.)
  • Old Town (Enjoy a river trail through town on the river with great stores and restaurants. My favorite. I love it there.)
  • Hawk island Park (Hawk Island offers  a swimming beach, picnic areas and shelters, paved accessible walkways  and fishing docks.)

I live in Downtown Lansing, and can't wait to take part in all the activities down there this spring, including Lugnuts baseball.  I also love to walk around downtown, but I am especially going to enjoy it more when the warmer weather comes. The restaurants and bars are so cozy.  I enjoy the Nuthouse, The Lansing Brewing Company, and I love Meat in Old Town. All my favorites.

Please share your favorite spots and activities that you enjoy in Lansing in the spring.

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