People seem to love the Halloween season, whether it's the general "vibe", the love of all things scary, the costumes, or the pumpkin carving.

Soon enough, you'll see once-emptied stores be taken over by Spirit Halloween as the excitement for the holiday grows. But, what about small, locally owned "spooky" shops? Do those exist?

They, in fact, do, and there are at least three you can visit in the state of Michigan:

1. Screamers Costumes 

Perhaps the most well-known scary shop in Michigan, Screamers Costumes is open year-round. In Clinton Township, Screamers Costumes has costumes for the whole family, theatrical makeup, Halloween-themed toys, and decorations. They also offer shipping from their online shop that you can see here, although I have a feeling that won't be as satisfying to the Halloween enthusiast. Should you want to visit in person, you can find their location, hours, and more on their website or follow them on Facebook.

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2. Crypt Keepers Halloween Emporium 

Family-owned, Crypt Keepers Halloween Emporium is located in Sterling Heights and, as you can see, has plenty of options when it comes to your Halloween night needs. Whether it's masks, full costumes, make-up, decorations, and more, you can see everything they offer on their website. Or, follow them on Facebook for special events and updates. Additionally, you can find them on Tiktok:

3. A Lil of Everything Halloween Supplies

Via/ Google Maps
Via/ Google Maps

Located in Imlay City, Halloween Supplies has been family-owned and in operation since 2013. You can find masks, costumes, color contacts, and more in their shop. At least that's according to their Facebook page. While there's no website listed, I did happen to stumble upon their Tiktok account which you can find here.

In my search, I also found a place called Kreepy Kloset which is apparently where you can find a wide selection of Halloween and horror props, according to their Facebook page. However, when I checked out their website, I only found 2 props listed both of which were not yet available. Perhaps there are more in their store? Find their website here and judge for yourself.

Of course, you can also find spooky-themed decorations and costumes at places like Spirit Halloween and Party City. But, if you can support local shops, I'm sure they would appreciate it.

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