It has been so tough for so many people to have fun and find safe things to do during the pandemic, especially families. And yes in Michigan it is tougher than some other states because we have more restrictions and temporary closings.

Interest in hunting and fishing dropped in recent decades for many American families; that is, until now. According to the Lansing State Journal,

Michigan and other states have seen a huge spike in hunting and fishing license sales since March as residents venture outdoors in search of safe recreation during the COVID-19 pandemic.


The pandemic has seen an increase in hunting and fishing in Michigan and many other states. Especially with families because it's one of the safest things to do during the pandemic. Last year license sales more then doubled from March to October.

Think about it, it's a way to stay away from crowds, it's relaxing and it allows you to get plenty of fresh air and get out of the house with the family. With spring a few months away, I think we will be seeing a lot more people doing outdoor actives like fishing.

Just to get out of the house, I find myself going to the grocery store more, running an errand that is not really necessary, or going out for carry out. Last week I was excited to go to the dentist because it was something to do. Crazy huh? So fishing really sounds good to me.

What outdoor things have you done with your family or plan on doing?

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