Well, the time has come for us to head back to the studio. (For the record, it was our personal choice if we wanted to go back now or if we wanted to wait a few more days or even weeks.) Don and I have been broadcasting from our home studios since the end of March but on Monday, June 8th it's back to 3420 Pine Tree Road in Lansing.

There have been some pros and cons to broadcasting from home during this pandemic. I'll start with some of the pros from working at home. First, there's that whole you can wear whatever want, you don't have to blow-dry and flat iron your hair every morning and by golly, I've saved a lot of makeup over the last several weeks.

There were some cons to the whole broadcasting from home thing. First, I missed actually seeing people every morning. Sure, I got to talk to Don every morning over a computer connection but that's not the same thing as actually being in the studio. And that computer connection I mentioned? Well, there were A LOT of mornings that it didn't want to cooperate. Also, as weird as this might sound, I really missed seeing the sunrises. At the radio station, you get to see all of the great sunrises in Lansing. In my basement? Not so much.

So, we'll be back in the studio on Monday. It's probably gonna be weird for a few days and my blow-dryer is probably gonna blow up (can't wait for that haircut) but we'll be somewhat back to "normal" and that's a good thing.

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