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It's been a mild winter by Michigan standards.

Lansing's unofficial snowfall total for the 2023-24 season stands at 25.1", according to WILX News 10 First Alert Meteorologist Darrin Rockcole. That's far below the annual average of 47" for the city.

Photo via Canva
Photo via Canva

However, even though the calendar says spring began this week, conditions are coming together for a round of wintry precipitation throughout much of Mid-Michigan before the week is over.

What Local TV Meteorologists Are Saying

Rockcole and his staff are watching the developing winter storm carefully, and they stress that there will be a lot of variables at play:

This is yet another tricky snowfall forecast with a lot of outcomes possible. As of this morning it appears that the storm system will be starved for moisture which will cut into the predicted snowfall totals.

He's currently projecting 3-6" for places like Ionia, St. Johns and Owosso, with 2-4" the likely range from Hastings to Charlotte and Lansing to Howell. Lesser accumulations of an inch or two can be expected further south.

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What the National Weather Service Is Saying

The National Weather Service also warns that a low pressure system moving into Mid-Michigan from the west late on Thursday night into Friday is likely to bring a period of snow just in time for the Friday morning commute.

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The NWS is currently predicting as much as half a foot of snow in parts of Mid-Michigan, depending where you are. The agency's town-by-town accumulation forecasts can be found below.

What AccuWeather Is Saying

AccuWeather meteorologists also believe Mid-Michigan's in for a range of accumulations this Friday, with a few pockets that could see as little as 1" and some that get as much as 6".

Photo via Canva
Photo via Canva

Here's a look at how much snow is currently in the forecast for your town according to AccuWeather and the National Weather Service.

* updated at 7:15am on 3/21/24

Bath 1-3" 3-5” 
Charlotte 1-3” 2-4” 
DeWitt 1-3" 3-4” 
Durand 1-3" 4-6” 
Eagle 1-3” 3-4” 
East Lansing 1-3" 3-5” 
Eaton Rapids 1-3” 2-4” 
Elsie 3-6" 4-5” 
Fowlerville 1-3” 2-4” 
Grand Ledge 1-3” 2-4” 
Haslett 1-3" 3-5” 
Holt 1-3” 2-4” 
Howell 1-3” 2-3” 
Ionia 3-6"4-5” 
Jackson 1-3” 1-2” 
Laingsburg 1-3" 4-6” 
Lansing 1-3" 3-5” 
Leslie 1-3” 2-3” 
Marshall 1-3” 1-2” 
Mason 1-3" 2-4” 
Nashville 1-3” 3-5” 
Olivet 1-3” 3-4” 
Onondaga 1-3” 3-4” 
Ovid 1-3" 4-5” 
Owosso 1-3” 4-6” 
Perry 1-3" 3-5” 
Portland 1-3" 4-6” 
Potterville 1-3” 3-5” 
St. Johns 1-3"4-5” 
Stockbridge 1-2” 2-4” 
Vermontville 1-3”3-5” 
Webberville 1-3” 2-4” 
Westphalia 1-3" 4-5” 
Williamston 1-3" 2-4” 

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