Unfortunately due to the pandemic, Short's Brewing has had to cancel their anniversary party the last couple of years, but they still plan on celebrating. According to their reps, they're doing something “extra special to celebrate with beer fans across the state of Michigan.”

Their exclusive Anni Party Gift Pack pre-order kicked off yesterday. Found Joe Short says it contains tons of goodies like two 22 ounce bombers and a party poster sign by Mr. Short himself.

This pack contains passion, ingenuity, love, and spirit from the souls of people who care at Short’s Brewing Company.
It also includes two of the breweries beers! The first beer is their Sour Parade, a sour version of their beer Soft Parade, and their new 17 Anni Ale, a triple hazy IPA with curb fruit.
Let me just say, if you haven't had anything from Short's Brewing, you need to hop on this bandwagon because they are the bees knees. Their Soft Parade is my absolute fave!
The best part, you can go to any local beer store and pre-order your Anni Party Pack until March 26. The store will order from Imperial Beverage and will be shipped the week of April 20.
Pauline Knighton-Prueter, sales director at Shorts says the price is up to the retailer but should be around $55-$60.
This years anniversary may look a little different but Shorts still wants to celebrate with their fellow beer lovers and thank them.
We can’t thank you enough for all of your support through the years, and know that we truly, madly, deeply miss you all taking over the streets of Bellaire, but until April 30th 2022, hops and hugs to all of you.
For more info on pre-sale, click here.

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