There's a Winter Storm Warning in effect for Saturday and early Sunday for the Lansing area. We'll be seeing rain, freezing rain, sleet, snow and some ICE with this storm. A lot of people can still remember the troubles we had with the ice storm that we had back in 2013. With that mind, the power companies in Lansing are trying to plan ahead to be prepared for the possibility of ice and power outages this weekend.

Officials with Consumers Energy posted an update on their Facebook page with tips from The Weather Channel on how to stay safe in an ice storm. Click here so see those tips. Meanwhile, the Lansing Board of Water & Light posted on Facebook that they "have declared a Mobilization Level 3, the highest level, which includes placing the appropriate number of crews on standby. We will also bring in additional mutual aid line crews to be in Lansing, to be ready to respond to any potential power outages." The Lansing Board of Water & Light also are reminding residents that IF they do experience a power outage, they should report it by clicking here.

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