For the second time in just a few years, a vehicle has crashed into a Flint Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant.

Around 12:30 this afternoon (4/19), a gray Chrysler 300 lost control and crashed into the west wall of the restaurant. The KFC is located on Dort Highway at Lapeer Road, just south of the entrance to eastbound I-69.

Vehicle Driven by Flint Police Officer

Mlive reports that the vehicle was actually an unmarked Flint Police car.

Flint Police Sgt. Tyrone Booth says the car's driver veered off the road to avoid hitting another vehicle and crashed into the restaurant.

“We are happy that no one was injured during the crash,” Booth said.  “As warmer weather approaches, we would like to remind drivers to pay full attention while operating vehicles.  Distracted drivers place all motorists at risk.”

Unofficial reports indicate that no injuries resulted from the crash. An eyewitness tells Townsquare Media Flint that the man seen standing behind the vehicle in the picture above was the driver of the car, and that he did not sustain any injuries.

Flint Police arrived on the scene of the crash shortly after it happened and posted the picture below on the Flint Police Operations Facebook page.

Flint Restaurant Plagued by Vehicle Crashes

Unfortunately, this is not the first time a car has crashed through the front of this Flint Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant. The restaurant was closed in December of 2019 when a vehicle crashed into the building, causing the restaurant to catch fire.


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