Bright and early this morning, at 6 am, Cops & Doughnuts Capital Precinct had its Grand Opening! And boy, they were ready for it. Check out their digs and sweet treats in the above gallery.

Cops & Doughnuts had 400 dozen doughnuts ready for the salivating people this morning. That's 4,800 doughnuts for those doing the math! In addition to that, they had all kinds of pastries, breads, cookies, and more!

No telling how long the doughnuts will last though, as they don't make them in house... they are made at the Clare location and brought down to Lansing bright and early. But, I'm sure there are plenty of delicious morsels left. The World Famous Cops & Doughnuts Capital Precinct can be found at 6427 Centurion Drive off of Creyts Road.

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