Florida and Michigan share a lot. Both are great vacation destinations. I bet we get a lot of Florida residents visiting in the summer and we return the favor in the winter. Both places boast some of the best beaches (and beach towns) in the world. And - both places have people who love taking their pets on the road.

That may turn into a problem for some people.

According to WFTV-TV, out of Orlando, when the Florida legislature returns to session in March, they'll consider a bill that would actually make petting your dog while driving - illegal. Well, it would actually include petting your pet (dog, cat, llama or alligator) as another example of distracted driving. Also on the list of actions that could get you pulled over would be reading, writing and putting on make-up.

Just a heads up - if this becomes law in Florida, Michigan may not be far behind.

What do YOU think?

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