We Michiganders have enough trouble explaining OUR words to out-of-staters. But we have our difficulties understanding THEIRS as well...

There are terms used in other states for items we Michiganders have completely different names for...some of these you might  know, some you don't, and some you probably don't even care if you know 'em or not. Either way, it's interesting to see what everyday things in Michigan have different names in different U.S. states.

Here is a whole list containing 22 more examples:

AYUH - Yes, in Maine.

BAMA - What Washington D.C. calls a loser.

BANQUETTE - A sidewalk in Louisiana.

CACKALACKY - What North Carolina calls itself.

CATTYWAMPUS - Crazy, crooked (Alabama).

CHISLIC - Cube steak (South Dakota).

CHRISTMAS - Salsa (New Mexico).

DOUT - Put out a fire (Wyoming).

GLAWACKUS - Mythical monster from Connecticut.

GRABOWSKI - An Illinois blue collar worker.

GROUPEL - What Montana calls hail.

JOJOS - Potato Wedges (Oregon).

KYBO - Porta-potty in Iowa.

POGONIP - Dense fog in Nevada.

POKY - Scary (New Hampshire).

QUAKENADO - Earthquake that occurs during a tornado. What - no sharks? (Oklahoma).

RUNZA - Stuffed cabbage in Nebraska.

SHUCKY DARN - "Wow" in Kansas.

TOAD-STRANGLER - Severe rain storm (Florida).

TUMP - Tip over, dump out (Arkansas).

UFF-DA - "What the heck?" in Minnesota.

WHISTLE PIG - Prairie dog, Idaho style.

Now you can stun your family...

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