The University of Michigan Museum of Natural History in Ann Arbor is about to reopen to the public. According to, the new museum will be opening on April 14th in its new location, the new, $261 million Biological Sciences Building. The museum has been closed for almost a year and a half while getting ready to move. It's old location was in the Ruthven Building. I was only there once, right before they shut down for the move. I was there during the summer and as I remember, it was not air-conditioned. Great museum - just a little warm.

Some of the new features at the museum will be a planetarium, a domed theater and an area where you can view staff preparing fossils.

Plus, in the atrium of the museum, we've been promised a Quetzalcoatlus pterosaur (I hope it's live) - a flying dinosaur that would've been found in the skies over North America around 100 million years ago. The Quetzalcoatlus pterosaur had a wingspan of about 36 feet - exactly the wingspan of a Cessna 172.

See ya there this summer. Here's the story.

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