When I learned I would moving to Michigan and the Lansing area, the first thing I started to do is ask folks what the best cities to live in are. I did my research online, and of course I had to consider the city's crime rate, cost of living and most important for me was the local amenities. It was a tough call, but I decided to move to downtown Lansing and I love it. It's close to so much and there is plenty to do.

Even though I chose to live in Lansing, there are several other towns in the area that were high up on my list. One of them is actually #1 on the list Niche.com put together of 2020 best places to live in Michigan. That city is Okemos.

Some of the other cities that made the list are Novi at #9 (fun fact, I lived there before moving here and it was a great place to call home), Ann Arbor at #4, and Troy at #2.

Out of all the cities, though, Okemos was number 1. It was actually where I was going to move until I found my perfect place in downtown Lansing.

The latest population in Okemos is almost 24,000 and growing. It is a great place to raise a family and has great public schools.

Now, that being said, a city that may be perfect for one may not be the best for another.  Since my kids are grown, schools are not as important to me. I wanna be close to a grocery store and be able to walk to nice restaurants, entertainment and sports facilities.

Everyone has to think about what's most important to them and make choices based on that.

If you could move to any city in the Mitten, where would it be?

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