The Ohio State Buckeyes take on the Oregon Ducks in the 2015 College Football National Championship game on Monday night. It's going to be a very big game but unfortunately, there's a slight problem.

Monday is also the first day of the spring semester at OSU and an Ohio State University official is warning students that they could risk being cut from courses if they skip class to go to the game in Dallas. According to the USA Today, the vice provost for undergraduate studies, Wayne Carlson, sent students an email this week that says it's up to professors to decide whether traveling to the game is an acceptable excuse for students to miss classes on Monday or Tuesday. The email explains that if absences aren't cleared with an instructor, students that are absent during the first week could be taken off a class roster. Carlson also added that the school appreciates loyalty to the football team but doesn't want that to negatively affect students' academic progress. Ouch.

By the way, if you missed it earlier this week, Jimmy Fallon and his panel of puppies made a prediction about who will win the game. You can check it out here:



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