If you needed a beer in your hand right now, you could go to a bar where they have a few on hand. Or you could get one from your refrigerator. You might even have trained your German Shepherd or your three-year old to get it for you. Heck, you might even have a robot who could get one for you.

And while these are all good ways to get a beer in your hand, it pales in comparison to what will happen on June 5th, in Canada.

According to CBC News, on June 5th, somebody in downtown Vancouver, British Columbia, will have a bald eagle, named Hercules, fly over them and drop a cold beer into their hand. The local Phillips Brewing Company, is having a contest to see who the lucky recipient of the beer will be. Phillips Brewing is working with experts from the nearby Raptor Centre, the home of Hercules. Hercules has been in numerous movies and TV shows, so he's highly trained. The Canadian Ministry of Forests had some concerns initially, but everybody involved promises the situation will be tightly controlled, so neither bird nor human is injured.

Eagles. The drone delivery system of the Vikings. Nicely done, Canada. I will salute you from the Upper Peninsula later this summer.

Here's the story.



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