Authorities in the Upper Peninsula are investigating a strange case. Earlier this month someone stole a totem pole in Chippewa County. The theft occurred close to Sault Ste. Marie, near Birch Point. According to the Soo Evening News, the totem pole was taken from the property between February 1st and February 12th.

Investigators say that because of the location of the totem pole, it would not be visible from any roadway and therefore, they believe that whoever took the totem pole had either seen it while traveling Lake Superior by boat during the warmer months or saw it while snowmobiling. Officials also believe that whoever stole the totem pole planned the crime ahead of time because the pole wasn't just broken off at the bottom but instead it was sawed off. (Meaning they had to pack a saw, too.)

According to officials, the totem pole has a lot of sentimental value. Investigators say it was placed on Birch Point by the previous landowner in remembrance of a deceased family member. The new property owner agreed to leave the totem pole on the land and it had been part of the property for nearly three years. Anyone with information regarding the theft is asked to call the sheriff’s office.