I'm certainly no angel. You've probably figured that out over the years. But, I don't think I ever do anything really that bad that I would have to confess to.

Unless, well...it's this:

I'm cursing more in the hallways at work these days. Now mind you, it's not really that loud and quite frankly the majority of my colleagues in the building aren't back yet so I don't think that anyone has heard me, but it's still happening.

It's not really, really bad words I'm using either. It's more like the two words that my favorite CTU Field Agent, Jack Bauer used to utter when someone or something was prohibiting him from saving the world on "24". While I'm not saving the world here, the reason I'm cursing in the halls these days is invariably when I'm on the air in the WITL Studio and I need to leave the studio for a minute, and I get two or three steps out the door, and then...

"(Insert Jack Bauer curse word here) I forgot my face mask!'

Then, I have to turn around and grab my face mask and put it on, turn around and leave the studio...again! You see if we are in the studio by ourselves and/or six feet apart from another person in the studio, we're good. However, the second we walk out of the studio it's face mask on! This is strictly enforced here and my big thing is that I don't want to get in trouble or being face mask shamed by what co-workers are here in the building.

However there is at least one county, which is way bigger than the WITL Studios where you won't get in trouble by the county authorities for not wearing a mask. No citations will be issued by the Ionia County Sheriff's Office, according to News 10.

However there are some caveats here. Find out what those are and more info too, like why the Ionia County Sheriff's Office isn't enforcing face masks here from News 10.

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