As students gear up for a new semester at a new school, they may have a checklist of things they need to do. Find your dorm room, see what student activities and clubs are available, check on your class schedule, and so on.

However, Northern Michigan University has an interesting test they put their new students and their parents through. They ask them to pronounce difficult town names in the North Michigan region.

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Are there any consequences if they get the names wrong? Of course not. This is all for fun. And, honestly, it's so relatable. Even lifelong Michiganders (or at least the ones that I know) might have difficulty with these words. Take a look:

NMU's first video, posted in August, did fairly well with over 175k views so, they decided to do a part 2:

Now, something that always confuses me with these kinds of videos is the slew of comments that seem to express shame or anger. Like:

How can you go to NMU and not know these? - GoldStrikeKing 

As a LP, how do you look at these and think the things they are pronouncing - Emily Rottier 

I'm not from the UP either but being born and raised in Michigan, I can pronounce all of these, smh, lol - Sheryl Carmean 

The students could be out of state or could be from the Lower Peninsula. Regardless, the attitude of "well I know these things so how could YOU not??" is a weird one. No doubt, the students of Northern Michigan University will have these town names forever engrained in their brains by the time they graduate. And, good luck to all the new students!

Want to see more of NMU's Tiktok videos? Find their account here.

Speaking of Northern Michigan University, did you know that they are home to a body farm? A bit morbid, I know but, I recently wrote an article about how you can donate your body to their program. You can read it below:

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