Every year human beings make "resolutions" for the new year, things that they might want to change or do better in the upcoming year. What a fun idea, set a goal to achieve in the new year.

While I think that "resolutions" are fun, why do we need to wait?

I'll use myself as an example. A few years ago I realized I needed to lose weight. I knew it was important for my health. What I didn't do was wait to start losing the weight. I started immediately and dropped nearly a hundred pounds.

Other resolutions people often set are quitting smoking, working out, being more patient and the list goes on. Again, if a "resolution" is on your mind and it can better your physical health, mental health or make you a better person, why wait?

Resolutions are a great idea, start them now, don't procrastinate. Maybe your "resolution" could be to not procrastinate.

Parade came up with a list of top resolutions for 2023, are these on your list?

Top Resolutions for 2023

1. Focus on a passion, not the way you look.

2. Work out to feel good, not be thinner.

3. Stop gossiping.

4. Give one compliment a day.

5. Go a whole day without checking your email.

6. Do random acts of kindness.

7. Read a book a month.

8. Go someplace you've never been.

9. Clear out clutter.

10. Turn off your phone one night per week.

Most of these top ten resolutions are simple. Things like random acts of kindness should be done anyhow. Gossipping gets nowhere. Compliments can make someone's day. All legit resolutions you can make for 2023. Go after your resolution now, don't wait.

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