For many teenagers, getting a driver's license is an independence day bigger than the Fourth of July. With the freedom to drive, they are one step close to adulthood.

But, of course, with freedom comes responsibility. Most often, basic DIY maintenance also could save them (or their parents) some money. Our friends at O'Reilly Auto Parts have some easy-to-follow video tutorials that show some maintenance tips every new driver should know:

1) How to replace your windshield wiper blades. You'll know it's time when the wipers streak or skip across the glass. (Pro tip: If you buy the blades at O'Reilly, they'll change them for you.)

2) How to change a tail light bulb. It's often easy, but you should check your service manual first for specific instructions.

3) How to change your vehicle's air filters. Once again, you'll want to check your service manual.

Don't forget the cabin air filter:

4) How to jump start your vehicle. Make sure you carry the correct gauge cables with you. O'Reilly Auto Parts also offers jump-start kits.

5) How to check and fill your vehicle's fluids. Your owner's manual will show you exactly where they are located and what types of fluids you should buy.

As a bonus, here are two videos that can help you with minor cosmetic concerns. (Maybe you inherited a vehicle with a bumper sticker that doesn't reflect your views. Or maybe there's a small scratch you'd like to repair.)


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