Everyone's always talking about how much they love hard seltzers, but I'll take a cider over a seltzer any day of the week. Combine that cider with supporting local women and I'm sold.

Virtue Cider in Fennville created a cider called, "Those Women From Michigan" in honor of International Women's Day. If you forgot to celebrate earlier this week, there's no better way to make up for it then sipping on a new cider that supports women.

Senior Brand Manager for Virtue Cider says not only are they proud of the women that make up their team but they're thankful for the women in this state that work hard to make it what it is.

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‘Those Women from Michigan’ is especially fun as it embodies the creativity and innovation that we value at Virtue Cider. Our lady cidermakers, marketers, farmers, scientists, and general manager are what ‘Those Women from Michigan’ embody. We’re so thankful to the women of Michigan who work so hard to make this state so great and this cider is our way of celebrating them and giving back.

The cider is 9% ABV and made with lavender and butterfly pea pollen. It has a purple hue to it, to represent historic feminist groups. You can purchase the "Those Women from Michigan" cider at the taproom in Fennville. As a token of appreciation, you'll receive a pin for International Women's Day and Women's History Month.

A portion of the cider's proceeds will go to Sylvia's Place, an emergency shelter for domestic violence victims in Allegan County.


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