Michigan's Isle Royale, in Lake Superior, one of the last untamed spots in the lower 48 states, has been a home for both wolves and moose since the early 20th century. At one time there were 50 wolves on the island, which kept the moose population in check. Now, there are only two wolves and 1600 moose. The wolves came to the island over the years via ice bridges in the winter, but that hasn't happened recently and the two remaining wolves are too closely related to successfully breed. It looked like wolves were about to disappear from Isle Royale.

After seeing an excellent documentary film, "Predator/Prey: The Fight For Isle Royale Wolves" at the East Lansing Film Festival last November, I was hoping the Park Service would decide to introduce more wolves. So were a lot of other people.

Good news. They will. According to MLive.com, the NPS will add 20-30 wolves over the next three years to allow the wolf population to become self-sustaining again.


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