There are some pros and cons to getting up early for work.

CONS: There are days when it feels like your alarm clock goes off way too early. Also, the roads can be a little tricky on the morning commute during the winter months because sometimes the roads haven't been plowed yet.

PROS: There's a lot less traffic AND you get to see a lot of pretty sunrises throughout the year here in Pure Michigan.

Here are some of my examples of those pretty sunrises. Thankfully we have a pond behind our building that makes some of the sunrise pictures even prettier. (In my humble opinion.) Also, please keep in mind that I'm certainly not a professional photographer and all I used to take my sunrise pictures were my 'semi-old' iPhone. However, I hope enjoy my little photo gallery of my top 7 pictures of sunrises that I took while I was at work in 2019. For the record, one of the photos was actually taken from inside the studio because I apparently didn't want to go out in the cold. :)

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