If you enjoy walking and biking in the greater Lansing area, there is some good news on the horizon; you will soon be able to enjoy a new path!

New Pedestrian and Bicycle Trail Opening from Campus to Lake

For quite some time now, since 2014 according to the Lansing State Journal, dreams of a trail leading from Michigan State University's Campus to Lake Lansing were beginning to become a reality.

After the trail's path was set in 2016, money was needed for funding. However, things pretty much stalled after that for a variety of reasons.

MSU to Lake Lansing Trail Project

The Meridian Township deputy township manager and director of public works, Dan Opsommer, mentioned some reasons that the trail has taken this long to open; it took longer than anticipated to acquire the land needed in some areas, environmental impact studies were needed, and the pandemic really slowed things down.

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Originally, it was anticipated that at least a section of the trail would open by 2018. But here we are, 5 years later, and we're finally going to see part of it open in the next month or two.

When and Where is the Trail Opening?

We're going to see about a mile stretch (which includes a new bridge) open up between Hagadorn Road and Shaw Lane. Depending on the upcoming weather, we should see this swatch of the path open "either by the end of October or early November".

This will be just the first mile in the whole 6.75-mile trail that will eventually open.

The next few miles of trail could be open by mid-summer next year, he said, with the third and final part of the stretch either in late 2024 or 2025.

I can't wait for this path to open up. It will allow for safer pedestrian and bicyclist areas and keep them off of the busy streets in that area. And what a great way to improve our local area!

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