I've done a few of these already – photo galleries of Lansing that show street scenes, products, memorabilia, little oddities, souvenirs, postcards, old buildings, restaurants, etc.

Well, here's another...the fourth one, to be exact.

This is not a history lesson, just a (hopefully) enjoyable gallery that depicts Lansing up to over one hundred years ago: old photos, brochures, products, ads, booklets, and cars. There's even a series of cards from 1905 that depicts different scenes from the First Oldsmobile Transcontinental Race that kicked off in Lansing. These nine cards show an Oldsmobile (the 'Old Scout') as it makes its way thru the Rocky Mountains, Wyoming, Oregon, Idaho...and even Russia! (How'd they do that?)

Knapps, beer, old homes, a cat, wheelbarrows, a discovered 1911 love letter from the Wentworth Hotel (hmmm...), the 1911 M.A.C. football team, depots, Michigan bananas....bananas? From Michigan? You'll see it in the gallery below. Maybe someone can shed some light on THAT one.

An underground newspaper, old furniture, foot bridge, flour, funeral home, 1900s carnival, old Lansing residents and more are also seen.

So have a gander at this latest 'Old Lansing' gallery, and if I haven't run out of stuff, I may be able to do another in the future. And afterward, just in case you missed them the first time around, you can check out the first three 'vintage Lansing' photo galleries. Meantime, enjoy.

Miscellaneous Lansing 4


Lansing Miscellaneous Part 3

Life In Lansing, 1850s-1960s

Miscellaneous Lansing, 1870s-1960s

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