Montgomery Gentry have made an album that relies on what they do best, and the song "We Were Here" doesn't step out of line. The midtempo rocker finds Eddie Montgomery and Troy Gentry preaching the small town, blue collar gospel. Check it out during this exclusive Taste of Country preview.

“Might have covered our tracks with a blacktop / Turned our stomping ground into a parking lot / Painted over our names but so what / We were here, we were here," the duo sing at the chorus of this song from Folks Like Us, available June 9.

"We Were Here" is about not letting the next big thing run over your memories, or who you are.

“You wouldn’t even know it’s there / Piece of racetrack road somewhere / Underneath that new four-lane / Is Chevy rubber that bears my name / Yeah we used to own this town / We used to burn it down / Left some circles around that square / Left some crazy everywhere," Montgomery emphatically sings during the first verse.

During an interview with Taste of Country, Gentry said that every song on the album is about the things they've always stood for.

“All of our music throughout our career is about family, faith, our military, our support of small towns and our support of blue collar workers," he says. “The whole album is still very true to the Montgomery Gentry vein of staying true to all of that.”

Check back for more exclusive song teases every day this week. It's their first to be released on Blaster Records.

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