Have you ever been skiing? It's probably one of the hardest things I've ever learned how to do. It's so much fun when you get the hang of it, but boy, does it take awhile to get the hang of.

Skiing is different than most sports. It all comes down to your speed, skill and determination on that hill. Sarra Guggemos has always had a sense of adventure and has been ski racing since she was eight, and just became the first female state champion in Mid-Michigan.

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Head coach at Okemos High School, Jeff David, says he met Guggemos as a seventh-grader when she asked to forerun a high school race.

She may have beaten most every girl, all the high schoolers... and really made a mar. Then, she did the same thing as an eighth-grader as a forerunner, and that year she definitely beat everybody.

Guggemos has qualified for the states finals for the last four years. She may have fallen short in previous years, but it looks like the forth times a charm, because she walked away with that state champion title. Guggemos and her family were overwhelmed by the win.

I was shocked honestly. I went into it and I knew I had a chance but I honestly didn’t think I would win. My mom was crying we were all just super excited. That has been the goal from day one. To finally achieve that, it was a great feeling.

Did you know that Okemos is the only Mid-Michigan high school that has a ski team? It's because there aren't a lot of ski hills and competition nearby, which means they have to travel far to compete.

Skiing isn't the only sport Guggemos takes part in, she's also a varsity soccer play and plans to play at Hope College in the fall.

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