This actually bums me out. Country Woods Archery, in St.Johns, is shutting down. The guys (Rick, Ricky and Kirk) are retiring so they can do more hunting. THAT is a great thing, but I'll miss the place and the people. The announcement was posted on their Facebook page just a few days ago and they'll be open this week, with this Saturday (from 9-2) being the last day of business.

This is not an ad. For years I've gone to Country Woods with my kids to sight in our bows at the target range. I finally bought a Mathew's bow from them several years ago. My two daughters got bows there. I was sure we'd be going there in a few years to buy my grandson his first bow.

Country Woods was the setting for the WITL 3-D Archery League several years back. While it was on, every week, my two daughters and I would go through the course. We were usually the only ones on the course. My older daughter Lauren and I were a team, but my younger daughter Brooke would shoot, unofficially. Being teenagers - there was a lot of talking and laughing. I couldn't tell you how we finished. Didn't really matter. But we did participate in the season ending barbecue and trophy presentation and met some great people - that I still run into from time to time. And my daughters will, to this day, tell you those weekly shoots were some of their favorite memories of doing outdoor stuff with their dad.

If you ever shot or shopped there, go say goodbye this week. And good luck and good hunting to Rick, Ricky and Kirk!

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