I use the term, "winter weather", here loosely...

According to The Weather Channel, Michigan will see more wacky ups and down with our temperatures over the next week. Today and tomorrow, we're looking at highs that don't break 30, plus a good chance of some light snow. It's doubtful that the snow will stick around though because we could see highs in the low 50's on Sunday.

A couple weeks ago, we saw highs get into the low 60's, and it looks like we'll see that again on Monday as well... The Weather Channel predicts a high of 62 for the day. After that, it looks like temperatures start to even out a bit, keeping within a range of mid 40's to mid 50's. But, seeing as how this is Michigan, and we can easily experience all four seasons in a day, let alone a week, we'll see how things go. Also keep in mind that the last day of Winter isn't until March 20th, so we could see even more wackiness. Click here to take an in-depth look at the forecast.

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