Most of us can't get enough of that delicious comfort food this time of year. You know, the food that warms your tummy and satisfies your taste buds simultaneously. America loves that stuff, and each state seems to have a dish or two that are fan favorites.

Comfortable Food took some time recently to compile a list of those comfort foods that we just can't get enough of state by state. Whether you're cooking it up at home or heading to your favorite local restaurant for that "must-have" dish, everyone seems to have a popular pick.

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The online comfort food blog listed the "50 Best American Comfort Foods by State" and it's a list that's sure to get your mouth watering, especially in Michigan. Listed as the "Best Comfort Food" in the state is a sweet treat, or should we say tart treat.

The blog lists Cherry Pie made with Michigan tart cherries as the top comfort food for Michiganders. The site notes that Michigan is the biggest producer of the Montmorency tart cherries, so of course locally grown makes for the best-tasting pies ever.

Granted there are a ton of other Michigan-centric dishes that are those perfect comfort foods, but let's face it, it's hard to beat a great homemade cherry pie.

You can check out the top comfort foods from other states here.

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